Anabolic fasting 101

Hi Kyle – If you have links to researched articles on intermittent fasting, please include them for our review. There are two main concerns that stand out about this way of eating. First, consuming only 2 meals per day would leave most people hungry in between meals. The second, is that if a person’s daily caloric intake (TDEE) is 4,000 calories, then eating 2 massive meals consisting of 2,000 calories each might cause problems with digestion and overall assimilation of the nutrients. It would also be rather difficult to eat that large of a quantity of food in each sitting.

Fasting is something that most women are afraid of, I was one of them. When I think of a true fast, I think of a water fast or a juice fast. I had done juice fasts in the past, unfortunately for me it was not a positive experience. I lost a lot of weight; the bad news is that I lost a lot of muscle. When I broke the fast my metabolism was slower and I gained back all the weight along with a few extra pounds. This was back in 2005 before I ever knew there was such a thing as an anabolic fast. Anabolic means to build up, an anabolic fast will build your body up by building muscle and feeding your muscles all of the nutrients they need to thrive.

Anabolic fasting 101

anabolic fasting 101


anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101