Can my doctor prescribe steroids

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It is a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, because Steere, from the CDC, changed/altered the disease testing and definition so he could get a patent to make a vaccine.
Anyone can say they are an LLMD. So get references first.
Suggestions for alternative, natural treatments.
Bee Venom Therapy has been kicking the butt off Lyme Disease with those using it. In my humble opinion, antibiotics can’t cure Lyme Disease because it changes and can hide from them.
I am using GcMAF now and am herxing badly. Backed off some, even though I am using a miniscule amount.
I started my journey using Low Dose Naltrexone, LDN, which helped me get out of bed after being bedridden for 2 years.

Can my doctor prescribe steroids

can my doctor prescribe steroids


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