Comparing potency of inhaled corticosteroids

Water vapour has a profound infrared absorption spectrum with more and broader absorption bands than CO 2 , and also absorbs non-zero amounts of radiation in its low absorbing spectral regions, [16] (see greenhouse gas (GHG)), its GWP is therefore difficult to calculate. Further, its concentration in the atmosphere depends on air temperature and water availability; using a global average temperature of ~16 °C, for example, creates an average humidity of ~18,000ppm at sea level (CO 2 is ~400ppm [17] and so concentrations of [H 2 O]/[CO 2 ] ~ 45x). Another issue with calculating GWP is that, unlike other GHG, water vapor does not decay in the environment, so an average over some time period or some other measure consistent with "time dependent decay," ., above, must be used in lieu of the time dependent decay of artificial or excess CO 2 , molecules. Other factors complicating its calculation are the Earth's temperature distribution, and the differing land masses in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

It is well known among nutrition researchers that most essential minerals are not well absorbed (some are less than 1%) [7]. "Bioavailability of orally administered vitamins, minerals, and trace elements is subject to a complex set of influences...In nutrition science the term 'bioavailability' encompasses the sum of impacts that may reduce or foster the metabolic utilization of a nutrient" [8]. Studies show that natural food complex nutrients are better than isolated USP vitamins or inorganic mineral salts or mineral chelates [. 9-25].

To perform these tests, a g sample of flower is mixed with a test fluid. Very small samples of the mixture are precisely measured and applied with a pipette or capillary tube to a specially coated glass plate. The plate is then placed in a jar, standing in additional test fluid. The fluid then wicks up the plate, carrying the cannabinoids with it. The individual properties of the cannabinoids cause them to be left in line, in a particular color and specific order, up the plate. Once the plate is dry, it is sprayed with a dye to reveal the colored spots. The size of the spots is compared to a template, which determines potency results in increments of one percentage point.

Comparing potency of inhaled corticosteroids

comparing potency of inhaled corticosteroids


comparing potency of inhaled corticosteroidscomparing potency of inhaled corticosteroidscomparing potency of inhaled corticosteroidscomparing potency of inhaled corticosteroidscomparing potency of inhaled corticosteroids