Do steroid shots cause cancer

Radiculopathy occurs when something irritates a spinal nerve—say a “slipped disc” causing a pinched nerve. This is also called sciatica . There are resident stem and other cells in the local tissues everywhere in our body. Many live around blood vessels. These are obviously also present in the disc and nerves in the epidural space and they usually play an important role in suppressing inflammation and repairing damage. We know, based on a copious in vitro (lab) data, that the high-dose steroids used in epidural injections can kill these cells. So the progression of the series of epidural steroid injections looks a little something like this:

I had a flu shot in 1993 (I do not know what kind) when I was in my late 30’s. About 10 days later I started having severe ringing and buzzing in my right ear. I woke up in the middle of the night with no hearing in that ear. I saw an ENT doc that same day and started on steroids. Had the MRI which was all clear. I lost 100% of the hearing in my right ear. All the nerves were also affected, so a hearing aid will not help. It took a long time to recover…both the physical and emotional. I will never take another flu shot, and I research carefully before any immunization. I discovered that the shingles shot can also cause hearing loss…
Many doctors have told me that it was not the flu shot that caused my SSNHL; however, I was not ill and nothing else could have caused it.

Do steroid shots cause cancer

do steroid shots cause cancer


do steroid shots cause cancerdo steroid shots cause cancerdo steroid shots cause cancerdo steroid shots cause cancerdo steroid shots cause cancer