Do steroids increase pulse rate

Charles Yesalis, , ., is professor emeritus of health policy administration and exercise and sport science in the College of Health and Human Development and has written extensively about steroid use over the last 25 years. He has testified about steroids before the . Congress, and been a consultant on the issue to the . Office of Drug Control Policy, the National Football League Players' Association, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the United States Olympic Committee. He can be reached at cey2@ .

Increased educational resources are available to at least certain age groups and are now reaching larger numbers of children. The percentage of pre-adolescent athletes who have heard of steroids has increased significantly from 78% in 1989 to 88% in the current survey (p<.05). In 1989, only 50% of respondents had had steroid side effects explained to them. This significantly increased to 64% in the current study (p<.05). Currently, 60% of respondents felt that steroids, even if used carefully, would still harm the athlete compared to 56% in 1989 (p<.05). Furthermore, 65% currently consider steroid use a drug problem compared to 57% in 1989 (p<.05).

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Do steroids increase pulse rate

do steroids increase pulse rate


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