Fantasy baseball names steroids

The Fore Horsemen
The “fore” genre provides a deep well of name choices. Some of them are pretty crude. Use your imagination.

Dimpled Balls
The ball genre is fertile ground for your golf fantasy team name. And for cheap laughs.

No. 1 Balls in Golf
Maybe your team could get a Titleist sponsorship.

Dude, Where’s My Par?
Nice. Golf clap for that one.

Sultans of Swing
Nothing says golf like a late 1970s Dire Straits reference.

Fairway to Heaven
Going even further into the music archives. Can’t go wrong with classic Zep.

Cinderella Boys
Caddyshack references always work.

Shooter McGavin
Ditto for Happy Gilmore references.

Working on my Putz
No comment.

Sure, it’s stolen from that talking baby commercial. But it’s still solid.

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Fantasy baseball names steroids

fantasy baseball names steroids


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