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I definitely agree with Sully that it was one of those lifts that could get 2 whites 1 red or 2 reds 1 white, but IMO it wasnt in the category "definitely not a good lift". I am happy for Ben he got that record and I think better to white lite slightly questionable lift like that than red light a definitely good lift a rob the lifter of a record (like what happened in WRPF with Aleksey squat, here: https:///r/powerlifting/comments/79o4i7/aleksey_nikulin_360_kg794_lbs_squat_wr_attempts/ ) while this abomination of a lift remains the official WR https:///r/powerlifting/comments/6tc8er/dallas_norris_new_all_time_world_record_squat/ .

Despite all of the strengths of the Rule of Two, Bane overlooked two critical weaknesses in his first, and the one of most concern to Bane, was the possibility the Master might spend most of their lifetime training an unworthy apprentice. Later in his life, Bane believed this to be the case with his apprentice Zannah. Aging poorly due to a lifetime of immersion in the dark side, and with Zannah apparently content to toil in his shadow, Bane desperately sought out the secrets to eternal life in order to buy himself enough time to train a truly worthy apprentice. His fears for Zannah came to naught, as she had in fact been preparing to kill him even as he had begun to worry that she was simply waiting for him to age to the point where he would be an easy kill. Zannah proved herself worthy by dueling and very narrowly defeating Bane on Ambria, and continued the Rule with an apprentice of her own. The possibility of training a failed apprentice would go on to irk other Sith Masters like Darth Cognus, whose first apprentice left her over idealogical differences. Additionally, despite very the inspiration for the Rule of Two, Revan, renouncing the dark side and killing the reigning Sith Lord , Darth Bane overlooked another critical weakness in his Rule—that one of the Sith Lords may be redeemed and kill the other. When Anakin Skywalker killed Darth Sidious in a selfless act of sacrifice, he redeemed himself of the life he lived as Darth Vader. Without Sidious or Vader, the Order of the Sith Lords was effectively dissolved since its only two members were dead. Thus, it appeared that there were no others to carry on the Order's traditions and teachings, and the Rule of Two was veritably destroyed.

Reddit steroids wiki

reddit steroids wiki


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