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After Chuck and some his 8th Grade thug buddies pull a prank on Spencer and steal his clothes, Spencer calls the cops on Chuck and finally gets rid of him by getting him sent to military school. However, this causes his little brother Chip begins to hate Spencer and terrorize him more than Chuck did. Meanwhile, Gibby buys a Galaxy Wars toy phaser and becomes depressed when Sam breaks it while beating up a bully for Lervin at the Groovie Smoothie. Freddie fixes it, but also modifies it into an actually working heat laser gun. During an iCarly webcast while they're trying to have peace and quiet without Chuck and Chip causing trouble, Chip antagonizes everyone with loud music, making it impossible for them to continue, revealing that he will mess with Carly. Downstairs, they find Spencer, who has been tied up by Chip. Gibby sets his phaser on "Overload", causing it to overheat. Before it explodes, Spencer throws it down the hallway where Chip is preparing a tub of super glue for another prank. The exploding phaser blows up the tub, and Chip gets thrown back by the explosion and glued to the elevator's doors. When Spencer and the others go to check what happened and find him, Carly says that they can't leave Chip like this. Spencer agrees, then sprays cream on his butt before everyone leaves. Gibby tries to salvage his phaser, but Freddie confirms it has gone beyond repair.

During her one season on television, Muggsy's dog is sold to animal researchers, she tracks down a man who robbed her, her dad Nick tries to help a former girlfriend hooked on drugs that becomes involved in a gunrunning scheme, then dad and Muggsy get mixed up in a barmaid's marital mess and then poor Muggsy and friend Clytemnestra witness a hit-and-run accident that kills their friend's mom. Feisty family! "I was 9 years old but I enjoyed the hell out of those shows at the time, especially the episode of 'Muggsy' when Larry B. Scott was playing a gang member and accidentally stabs himself in the leg at the end of the show. What a riot."
- Vernon Jones
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Spencer quits jungle steroids

spencer quits jungle steroids


spencer quits jungle steroidsspencer quits jungle steroidsspencer quits jungle steroidsspencer quits jungle steroidsspencer quits jungle steroids