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The runners were, from right to left:

1. Robson da Silva (BRA) 5th in secs
Brazil’s greatest sprinter, who won a bronze medal in the 200m in Seoul, has never been linked to drugs use. He now works as a television commentator in his home country.

2. Ray Stewart (JAM) 8th in
Went on to become a leading coach but was charged by US Track and Field for allegedly trafficking banned substances to athletes and was banned from the sport for life in 2010.

3. Carl Lewis (US) 1st in
The most decorated track and field Olympian now owns a marketing firm, CLEG, after a failed attempt to enter politics. Was revealed to have failed three drugs tests prior to the 1988 Games but was cleared by America’s Olympic Committee.

4. Linford Christie (GB) 2nd in
Britain’s most successful sprinter failed two drugs tests - in 1988 and 1999 - but has always said he was innocent. Became a coach and runs sports management firm Nuff Respect.

5. Calvin Smith (US) 3rd in
The only sprinter to finish in the original top five who never tested positive for drugs, Smith was inducted into the US track hall of fame in 2007 and is now a social worker.

6. Ben Johnson (CAN) Disqualified
Tested positive for stanozolol after ‘winning’ the race in . Failed two more tests during his career. After working as a trainer for Colonel Gaddafi’s son, Al-Saadi, he is now trying to heighten awareness about doping.

7. Desai Williams (CAN) 6th in
An inquiry set up after the Games found that Williams had been supplied with steroids by a doctor. Went on to work for the American Red Cross and Toronto Argonauts football team.

8. Dennis Mitchell (US) 4th in
Went on to win two World Championship golds, before testing for testosterone in 1998. Claimed the result was due to having sex four times with his wife that day. Now works as a trainer.

The Mitchell Report also stated that interviews were requested of five MLB players who had spoken out publicly on the steroid issue. Of these players, only one, Frank Thomas , was willing to be interviewed. The Mitchell Report stated that there was no evidence that any of these five had used performance-enhancing drugs. Curt Schilling , one of the four players who declined to interview with Mitchell, explained that he denied Mitchell's request because he "would have nothing to offer" Mitchell's investigation "other than personal opinion and hypotheticals." [6]

[ Editor's Note: Chryste Gaines, MBA, Olympic gold and bronze medal sprinter and former teammate of Marion Jones in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, stated the following in a Dec. 22, 2008 email to in response to the IOC ruling:

"We are being unfairly punished. If the drug testing agencies cannot determine if an athlete is taking performance enhancing drugs how are the teammates supposed to know?... It negates all the family functions, church functions, and social events we missed in the name of winning an Olympic medal." ]

Stanozolol jason

stanozolol jason


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