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Summertime weather here in the Northern Catskills – temps in the mid-70’s – unreal – and winter still has 2 days left. Just last week the road crews were using cold patch on pot holes. Well, Miel, our 4 YO Sheltie went for his usual free walk around the neighborhood – unleashed, he has free rein of the area. He came back just covered in tar, blacktop, dirt, whatever. He must have gotten into one of the now ‘hot’ cold patches on the road. His gorgeous white chest and shoulders just covered in it.
Thanks to the ‘net we decided to use olive oil to try to remove it. Seems to have worked – the chunks and bits of tar and blacktop loosened and fell off. It took a bit more effort to try to clean his long fur. Can’t tell if worked yet – his fur is a bit oily despite a good washing. At least it’s not ‘tacky’. 2 side effects tho – his once blazing white fur now has an yellow-olive tint; and his fur is curling, sort of like Kenny G. What better way to spend a couple of hours with the dog.

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Steroid dog youtube

steroid dog youtube


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