Steroid information poll bodybuilding

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    With this equation we can find a series of values of the variable, that correspond to each of a series of values of x, the independent variable. The parameters α and β have to be estimated from the data. The parameter signifies the distance above the baseline at which the regression line cuts the vertical (y) axis; that is, when y = 0. The parameter β (the regression coefficient ) signifies the amount by which change in x must be multiplied to give the corresponding average change in y, or the amount y changes for a unit increase in x. In this way it represents the degree to which the line slopes upwards or downwards.

    Steroid information poll bodybuilding

    steroid information poll bodybuilding


    steroid information poll bodybuildingsteroid information poll bodybuildingsteroid information poll bodybuildingsteroid information poll bodybuildingsteroid information poll bodybuilding