Steroid kidney disease

The study did not address the role of drugs called renin-angiotensin system (RAS) blockers. At the time the study began, RAS blockers were sometimes used in patients with kidney disease causing protein in the urine, but not always. "In the following years, RAS blockade has become more frequent in everyday clinical practice," Pozzi says. "Nearly 40 percent of the patients in our study started these drugs during follow-up." However, the preservation of kidney function may reflect more the effect of steroids, the researchers believe. Two recent studies found that steroids combined with RAS blockers are more effective than RAS blockers alone.

Are there any other treatments for stage 3 CKD? Through our investigation and observation, CKD patients who are treated by Immunotherapy speak highly of this treatment. Here we will introduce Immunotherapy briefly to patients with CKD. It aims at repairing at kidney damage, enhancing kidney function and improving the innate immune system. Immunotherapy contains six steps, the steroid medicines and the immunotherapy agents also are used in the third and the fourth stages-immune blocking and immune tolerance. Besides, the proper blood purification techniques like immune adsorption, plasma exchange, blood perfusion, hemodialysis will be used to eliminate the corresponding toxic substance. The biggest difference of Immunotherapy is the application of Chinese medicines. So immunotherapy combines western medicines, advanced blood purification techniques and Chinese medicines well. If you want to know more about Immunotherapy or stage 3 CKD or you have other kinds of questions relating kidney diseases, you are welcomed to leave us a message.

Steroid kidney disease

steroid kidney disease


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