Steroid sparing agent meaning

All media require collection of an adequate sample of infected material. Scale may be collected in a manner similar to that used for the KOH preparation or with a cotton swab. The swab must first be moistened with sterile water and then rubbed vigorously over the active border of the lesion. This method is best used when the lesion is not scaly or when the use of a blade or slide is impractical. 19 The physician performing the culture must comply with stricter CLIA regulations. Performing cultures requires a level of certification that necessitates a laboratory inspection.

Two small trials recruiting 23 participants met the inclusion criteria for the review . Participants may have been suffering from comorbid lung disease. No data on oral steroid consumption were reported. No significant differences were observed in the studies for FEV 1 , FVC, PaO 2 and symptoms. One study reported a statistically significant difference in SGaw, but the clinical importance of this is uncertain. Due to concerns over the small sample sizes and methodological shortcomings in terms of inadequate washout in one study , and methods used in outcome assessment for both studies, the findings of the studies are not generalisable to the issue of steroid tapering. An update search conducted in August 2010 did not identify any new studies for consideration in the review .

Steroid sparing agent meaning

steroid sparing agent meaning


steroid sparing agent meaningsteroid sparing agent meaningsteroid sparing agent meaningsteroid sparing agent meaningsteroid sparing agent meaning