Steroids for cough in kids

Two trials met the inclusion criteria (123 participants). One compared inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate (400 micrograms per day) with placebo and the other compared fluticasone propionate (2 mg per day for 3 days followed by 1 mg per day for 11 days) with placebo . Both studies used metered dose inhalers via a spacer. With the lower dose of inhaled corticosteroid there was no significant difference between the beclomethasone and placebo groups. With the higher dose there was a significant improvement in nocturnal cough frequency after two weeks in children presenting with persistent nocturnal cough. However, a significant but smaller improvement was also seen with placebo .

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Steroids for cough in kids

steroids for cough in kids


steroids for cough in kidssteroids for cough in kidssteroids for cough in kidssteroids for cough in kidssteroids for cough in kids