Stevens johnson syndrome treatment steroids

Not only is Levaquin associated with an array of serious side effects, a full course of Levaquin treatment may cost as much as $100. In fact, there are many other antibiotics-including some generic versions-that cost patients far less, and are much safer. Yet, through their marketing efforts, Johnson & Johnson and Ortho-McNeil persuaded doctors that Levaquin offered patients some advantage over less costly alternatives. In light of Levaquin’s serious side effects, few people continue to believe the benefits of the drug outweigh its risks.

Treatment for Stevens Johnson syndrome lies in detecting the exact cause of the disease. In case the medicines are causing this syndrome, then the patient will be asked to take alternative drugs. In case of severe infection, the person should be hospitalized and monitored for the eye damage by consulting ophthalmologist. They may be loss of fluid and hence replacing fluid is absolutely necessary while treating SJ syndrome. Anti-inflammatory medicines are given to heal the wounds and blisters. Pain killers and antihistamines will be started to reduce pain and control itching. In some cases IV fluids are administered for increasing the immunity level. In rare cases, skin grafting is done.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome: A serious systemic (body-wide) allergic reaction with a characteristic rash involving the skin and mucous membranes, including the buccal mucosa (inside of the mouth), conjunctiva, and genital areas. Abbreviated SJS. The disease is due to a hypersensitive (allergic) reaction to one of a number of immunologic stimuli including drugs and infectious agents. Complications can include hepatitis, nephritis, gastrointestinal bleeding, pneumonia , arthritis , arthralgia, fever , and myalgia. The diagnosis of SJS is usually made when the characteristic rash appears 1 to 3 weeks after exposure to a known stimulus and it cannot be explained by another diagnosis. The treatment depends, in part, on the suspected precipitating cause. Also known as erythema multiforme major.

Stevens johnson syndrome treatment steroids

stevens johnson syndrome treatment steroids


stevens johnson syndrome treatment steroidsstevens johnson syndrome treatment steroidsstevens johnson syndrome treatment steroidsstevens johnson syndrome treatment steroidsstevens johnson syndrome treatment steroids