Strong steroid cream for psoriasis

Hydrocortisone is the active ingredient of Biocort cream (Nappi code:807834-017/018), Dilucort Cream (Nappi code:720011-019), Dilucort ointment (Nappi code:720038-006), Locoid cream (Nappi code:738875-007), Locoid lipocream (Nappi code:793930-006), Locoid ointment (Nappi code:738891-002), Locoid lotion (Nappi code:828890-013), Mylocort cream (Nappi code:745472-001), Mylocort ointment (Nappi code:745448-003), Procutan cream (Nappi code: 757268-005), Procutan ointment (757268-005), Stopitch cream (Nappi code:810223-007) and Vari-Hydrocortisone cream (Nappi code:700445-001).

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Strong steroid cream for psoriasis

strong steroid cream for psoriasis


strong steroid cream for psoriasisstrong steroid cream for psoriasisstrong steroid cream for psoriasisstrong steroid cream for psoriasisstrong steroid cream for psoriasis