Synthobolic anabolic synthol

Synthol is a rather specific medication with o anabolic activity. According to some people’s opinion, Esiclene was its predecessor – a medication with low anabolic activity, although provoking extensive phologistic reaction in muscle it is injected in. Consequently, the muscle swells drastically increasing in its size. The swelling goes off in 24-48 hours. However, Synthol, developed by a German chemist Chris Clark, doesn`t arouse such a heavy reaction. On the contrary, because of its components it is quite inert and able to stay in the muscle tissue spreading throught the muscle fiber inside the muscle fascia. That is because of its accumulation in the muscle it increases in size.

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Synthobolic anabolic synthol

synthobolic anabolic synthol


synthobolic anabolic syntholsynthobolic anabolic syntholsynthobolic anabolic syntholsynthobolic anabolic syntholsynthobolic anabolic synthol