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The research I’ve read shows onchecerca microfilaraie in Canada, USA, Australia, France, Poland… simply because those are the places the researchers lived. The incidence in their samples varied enormously. In Canada (post mortem skin samples from in front of the umbilicus), they found that horses from Canada had very little OM, while the horses that had moved over from the border from the US had more. Likewise in France, the French horses showed low incidence, while the Polish imports showed more. Clearly, a horse who has neck threadworms (and may not be reacting) can travel to a new area, where an obliging midge does the honour and carries the larvae to another horse.

“ The myth that victims sometimes prompt their own rapes has resulted in a criminal justice system that believes there are really two kinds of rape, ‘real rapes’ and ‘other rapes’. The commission found that many lawyers, judges and law enforcement personnel believe that some people who are sexually molested somehow precipitate it through their dress or behavior (sic). The commission has determined that this belief effectively removes responsibility from the offenders and excuses coercive sexual abuse and personal humiliation of the victim. The commission also found that the criminal justice system generally does not vigorously prosecute rapes by assailants who are acquaintances of the victims. The net effect of society’s bias against rape victims is to deny them equal protection of the laws.”

Untold truth steroids

untold truth steroids


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